Paradise Lost

Neighbourly Drama – cuz of the newly re-named Temptations (swingers club!!) I’m calling it – “Paradise Lost”

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing as I am concerned for my neighbours “Dom” and “Robbie” – especially after an incident outside my home the other night. Below is a report of the incident as I witnessed. I felt I needed to intervene and deescalate the altercation – which was without doubt initiated by Dom. I want to help care for Dom’s and Robbie’s safety as they are both elderly neighbour and this is despite the historical difficulties that myself and other neighbours have endured which I will also detail after my report.

Yours Sincerely

Samantha Monks.

Incident Report: Approx. 16.00 on Tues 9/10/18

My name is Samantha Monks and live at 158 Windham rd. At approx 16.00 on Tues 9/10/18 I was working in my transit van (which is parked on my driveway) at the front of my house and witnessed my neighbour Dom approach and verbally/physically threaten a man who was unknown to me or Dom.

A few minutes earlier I had see this man walk into the ally/lane which leads into the car park for the bungalows at the back of my property. He was closely followed by Dom who was in his car. I next saw the man walk out of the alley and evidently Dom had got out of his car and was approaching this man and shouting something about “druggies” at him. The man stopped right outside my house and then I saw Dom approach the man who was trying to walk away. I was worried for Dom’s safety as he squared right up to the man and shouted abuse into his face as he was so close that he was almost biting the man’s nose.

I shouted at Dom to stop as I was worried for his safety. The man backed away and then Robbie – who also lives in the bungalows at the back, came out and stood next to Dom and they both were shouting at the man and then at me. I appealed for calm and for them both to stop getting so upset/excited. I explained I felt that no amount of shouting or threats would solve the ‘drug problem’ in our area and that these old men were only putting themselves at risk of being stabbed or worse and should instead call the police. In response they started shouting at me that it was all my fault for “bringing the druggies here”. I explained that I did not know the man, I had not called him and I did not know what he was doing in the lane. I then escorted the man away from the situation and walked him up the road towards the Cricketers pub. I talked to him to ensure that he had no intention of coming back as I didn’t want any more trouble outside of my house and I do not want my neighbours to get as upset as they were getting or to put themselves at risk from unknown men.

Further historical information:

I think it was a couple of months ago when Robbie and Dom proudly showed me where they have put chicken wire and other ‘traps’ around the area by my back wall and they bragged that they have phoned the police and housing association to complain about me climbing over my back wall and previously they told me that they have about black people visiting my property. I have explained that I had to climb over my wall to access my garden and to get in my back door when I have lost my front door key and that my work is about giving people a ‘second chance’ and promotes diversity and inclusion. My immediate neighbour (160) has also sent me abusive and threatening texts too and has forbidden me from walking through her garden for access, even though it is my right-of-way.

I am worried that continued victimisation from these neighbours will be detrimental to my recovery of MH and this is why I am writing this report.

About the same time I nearly-missed seriously injury from very sharp chicken wire that I could barely see which was intentionally put across the path at the back for the bungalows; I understand that Robbie did this to stop people walking past his house when they are visiting another neighbour who is also female and vulnerable. I think Robbie did this because she and some of her friends are black.

I also believe it is evident that these elderly neighbours are racist men and that Dom, Robbie and ‘160’ may have also all phoned and complained to police, social services and housing association about my children because they are noisy with challenging behaviour being severely autistic.

Despite me trying to talk and even writing to Robbie and Dom and appealing for understanding and tolerance, they still continue to make comments and try to start arguments about “blackies” and “druggies” with other neighbours and now it is elcaslating to include unknown men/members of the public there is an increased risk that these troubles become escalated to the point of violence and someone might get hurt.

For as long as I have lived here (june 2016) I have noticed that Robbie often gets drunk and sits on a bench at the back of the property; when I walk past him on this bench or in the street he has also told me that he’s going to “get” me and the other “druggies”, accusing/targeting two other female neighbours who are also vulnerable due to MH, disability and injury. I have also witnessed Robbie being drunk and abusive to one of these women who is about the same age as him – he was shouting and squaring-up to her in her garden after he was invited to an attempt to make peace at a party in the summer.

A few weeks before I was with this neighbor in her garden and we both heard a loud argument Robbie was having with our black neighbor; we were both really shocked when we heard Robbie shout “all you blacks should of died in Grenfell Tower”.

About a month later after another loud and heated argument with racial/cultural misappropriation from Robbie and verbal abuse from Dom regarding my children and my health I felt it necessary to write to both Robbie and Dom as an attempt to defuse the tension – I sent them both a a card and wrote them some defense to what they were of accusing me of and to offer them any help that I can give to try and help make them feel safer and happy so that they do not feel they need to systematically abuse and bully myself and other vulnerable women. The cards are included in this report and were delivered by hand on 7th August 2018.

Conversely – I have continuously attempted acrimonious relations with these neighbours and for example, when many of us were snowed in I called ASC with concerns as I had not seen them and because of our troubles I felt it unsafe for me to check in on them as I did with our other elderly neighbours.

Update from today

I’ve been told that the police came to my door yesterday afternoon – I was feeling sick yesterday and must have been asleep as I did not hear them. I can only imagine this would be rated to the incident the other evening.

I understand that there was another argument with Robbie and my black neighbour yesterday and her carer witnessed this and telephoned the housing association. During this argument apparently Robbie told my neighbour that he has organised a multi-agency meeting for Monday to “get her out”. I help this neighbour with her gardening and other ‘handy’ home tasks and was with her today when the housing association called her back – the Housing Officer confirmed they are aware of a meeting that Dom had arranged but had not been advised of any issues by Robbie.

Going forwards – planning for peace

I have floated the idea of having a street party at Halloween as the community spirit at this time is fabulous with dozens of children and their families continually knocking at the door and trick or treating on the big night – I image this might also cause alarm to some of the elderly in our community and I am aware that this is also a challenging night of the police. This idea is receiving some support from my neighbours and it would be fantastic if the police, housing association and other statutory services were also able to support this too.


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