Big Green World – a proposal for partnership working together for a greener world

I might be sticking my neck a little far over the parapet but I have been trying to think up organisational models that the BGG could emulate and then maybe survive… for days… and then… I was really (surprisingly) impressed by the Principles set out in my local town’s LSP* and adapted it to suit what I think are the needs of the BGG as a community, organisation, and, emotively, as a family that I would really hate to see get split up, or worse – commercialised!!  I’d be really interested to hear what others think of this idea. It’s a long term plan and a long document but please stick with it – or skip straight to the PRINCIPLES at the end and then go back to read it from the start if you feel that you support the BGG/subsequent related event/company/partnership adopting these principles. Thank you fairy much!


* Local Strategic Partnership (LSP). Every local authority area must have a LSP. Statutory public sector partners have a legal duty to work together on targets set out in a Local Area Agreement.


 What is BGW 2029?

 BGW 2029 (Big Green World 2029) is proposed partnership working document that can bring together hundreds of people who are share holders of the BGG. In this way people from voluntary, community and faith organisations, private companies and public services and third sector can work together to continue the spirit of the BGG, born from the Greenfields of Glastonbury festival, in order to continue to increase public awareness of green living, environmental and social justice issues through the production of a green festival event.

 By working together individuals and organisations can pool resources and expertise to achieve our goals; partnership working together for a greener world.

 Why is it called BGW 2029?

This proposal for partnership working is consulted on a 20 year vision for the BGG (or what’s left of it) hence the name BGW 2029; to remind partners that we are all working towards this global vision.

 What is the purpose of BGW2029?

 What are The Aims?


 •           Identify the challenges facing the BGG/subsequent related event/company.

•           Find solutions to the difficult economic and environmental problems

•           Consult on what we want the BGG/subsequent related event/company to be like in the future, agree a shared vision in a Strategy and an action plan

•           Encourage all partners to ensure that their strategies and plans work towards achieving the vision

•           Identify and seek support to deliver our goals and area agreement targets

•           Bring together people to work together on this and related projects

•           Help shape the delivery of a green festival event

•           Develop area agreements with Government and the Council

•           Apply for funding, create income streams and agree how funding should be allocated

 How can the work of the partnership be shared?

 Consultation Forums

Consultation Forums report to the BGW 2029 Board and link to one or more Strategic Delivery Partnerships. These Forums consult with partners including representatives of the green community, to identify aspects of the BGG/subsequent related event/company that need improving, identify new issues, recommend actions and review the vision and goals. They review the progress of the partnership towards achieving these improvements and identify obstacles that are preventing those improvements. The Consultation Forums are open to all current BGG shareholders including those who are representatives of partner organisations plus other individuals/organisations who ‘sign up’ to join BGW 2029.

 Strategic Delivery Partnerships (previously Area Co-ordinators)

The Strategic Delivery Partnerships are responsible for the delivery of community strategy goals and targets within their remit.  They find ways of addressing the identified challenges, allocate resources and make the improvements happen. Each Strategic Delivery Partnership (SDP) may have a number of Sub Groups who deliver on specific goals. Strategic Delivery Partnerships are made up of partners who can allocate their individual and organisations resources to deliver on identified targets. These partnerships report to the Delivery Board.  They also link to a Consultation Forum.

 The Delivery Board (previously finance/management/production team)

The Delivery Board which is responsible for ensuring the necessary arrangements are in place to achieve the outcomes in the Strategy and action plan. The Delivery Board is responsible for the set up and management of the financial arrangements and for monitoring the performance of the Strategic Delivery Partnerships. They consult with their governing bodies, secure their organisations’ agreement and commitment to delivery for proposals.

 The Vision BGW 2029 Board (Area co-ordinators, Directors plus Multi Agency Reps?)

The Vision BGW 2029 Board represents all sectors of the partnership and has responsibility for setting the strategic direction of the partnership/production of event.  This board agrees the long term vision and strategy for the partnership. It consults widely on the collated vision and identifies gaps in the allocated responsibilities and crosscutting issues of forums. The Vision BGW 2029 Board establishes and monitors the arrangements to act on any issues in the Strategy and ensures that the Delivery Board manages those arrangements.

 The BGW 2029 Executive Board (elected Directors/ex-Directors/Consultants)

The BGW 2029 Executive Board is a mechanism to ensure that the risks to the Accountable Body, which in this case is the BGG, are ones it can take on and control. Whilst the Vision BGW 2029 Board continues to lead the direction and arrangements for the Strategy, the Executive Board manages the special relationship with the Council. The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring adequate governance and performance management arrangements are complied with and makes sure that BGW 2029 complies with legislation.

 How could we group partners in Consultation Forums?


 Sustainable environment; could look at environmental, housing and travel.

 Stronger Communities; could look at campaigns, social justice issues, respect for one another, reducing global poverty and disadvantage

 Economy; improve the financial stability of the BGG/subsequent related event/company, fundraise, improve and sustain income and investment and raise skill levels

 Health & Wellbeing; could look at ways to improve/raise awareness of a holistic approach to organisational, event, public and individual health & safety, sustainability and longevity

 Each forum would need a chair, vice chair and possibly also a secretary. I don’t see any reason why these forums could include both virtual ‘on-line’ forums/meetings/conferences as well as good old fashioned face-to-face meetings.

 SDPS; Each Consultation Forum then elect representatives/area co-ordinating groups for corresponding Strategic Delivery Partnerships – SDPs  – plus these additional suggested areas that need management by elected members/volunteers from the consultation forums;

 Communication Committee; co-ordinates the delivery internally of information relative to the delivery of the agreed targets and also externally; PR, press and marketing.

 Humankind Resources; recruits, mentors, evaluates and trains volunteers and ‘work force’ also co-ordinates the diversity and delivery of area’s such as kids, teens, LGBT, Gamma, Faith, etc.

 Creative Being; Visual and performance arts, partnership group & event branding/imagery

 ??? Are there any area’s that I’ve missed….?

 Who could join?

Any BGG shareholder or other individual or organisation that is willing to sign up to the principles and values of BGW 2029.

 In you are interested in this proposal and have any suggestions please post them here or email me at


 These are the suggested principles that might apply to all partners who are members of BGW 2029;

 SELFLESSNESS partners would act solely in terms of the interest of BGW 2029. They should not do so in order to gain financial or other benefits for themselves, their family or their friends.

 INTEGRITY partners should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their responsibilities.

 OBJECTIVITY in carrying out BGW 2029 business, including making public appointments, awarding contracts, or recommending individuals for rewards and benefits, Partners should make choices on merit.

 ACCOUNTABILITY partners are accountable for themselves, for their decisions and actions for BGW 2029 and must submit themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their position.

 OPENNESS partners should be as open as possible about all the decisions and actions they take

 HONESTY partners have a duty to declare any private interests relating to their responsibilities and to take steps to resolve any conflicts arising in a way that protects BGW 2029 interests

 LEADERSHIP partners should promote and support these principles by leadership and example.


•           Can do attitude

•           Openness

•           Empowerment

•           Equality and Diversity

•           Sustainability

•           Continuous improvement

•           Developing shared objectives

•           Green living

•           Social Justice

~ by paperworkfairy on August 29, 2009.

6 Responses to “Big Green World – a proposal for partnership working together for a greener world”

  1. You have all my support…call me if you need anything. I would love mini BGG here in thee forest! But in thee meantime….thee above document speaks volumes and is a wholesome way forward.

  2. Good 1 Paper Work Fairy ❤

  3. I’ll msg more when I’ve had a chance to have a closer look, but after a quick post-Shambala glance, I really like the thinking here, let me know what help I can be to help make something along these lines work. 🙂

    As far as I can see, the main stumbling block is in the nature of the ‘Vision’ here – this could be the putting on of green networking events OR working toward the aims / campaigns of those represented at those events? I think a networking organisation that did MUCH more than just an event would be a really strong contender for successful growth & funding / income generation. Using standard community planning focus areas to frame the areas of interest of the partnership is a truly genius proposal. In terms of seeking funding, aligning campaigns, and speaking the language of our authorities. Brilliant! 😀

    A properly partnership-driven organisation could then call on the participation / skills / experience / (combined buying power ?) of partner organisations … If ever an event brought together precisely the skills needed to put itself on successfully, it was the BGG!

    An events organisation simply for the event’s sake might not be so sure-footed on this, and does leave room for the possibility for a conflict of commercial vs. vision interests.

    Perhaps a partnership working to the goals of joint campaigns for a better, more sustainable world, might have a ‘conference’ once a year … say under canvas … somewhere in Somerset … a few bands providing the entertainment such a big ‘conference’ might require? 😉

    Either way, in working on an open & sustainable form of governance, you have my support & beaming admiration for the effort.

    All hail the fairy 🙂

    • thank you so much for taking the time to comment becca! One of the directors is talking along the lines of a conference too. I’m so glad that you are helping shape this idea – I was begining to wonder if I had lost my marbles – you’ve come up with some really good points – I’m going to try and take a bit of a break for a few days, I’m too tired to write much more right now. How was Shambala? Blooming marvellous I’m sure  x

  4. been to a transition meeting tonight and it talks about a similar vision that these ideas and has more practical mechanisms to make the earth a better place – but at least I was along the right track. 🙂

  5. If you want to be the change that you want to see in the world and have a spare 50 minutes or so – take a look at the transition movement as explained on this here film. Some might remember that last aug I tried to come up with a way that we could implement better cohesion within what was then known to me as the ‘big g…reen community’ – the transition movement achieves this at a local/neighborhood level – calling people to action to make little changes in their life that will hopefully add up to making a real difference for global climate change – then these towns are networked across the world – it’s working and much better than my idea – but at least I was along the right track eh? >;<

    website here

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