Nanny for Autistic Twins start Sep in Bournemouth


I am looking for a nanny, to work in my home to begin with, to start at the end of September.

I have twin boys who were 4 on 3rd July – their names are Chakra and Karma (boys). The boys are also moderately autistic however Chakra is starting to put two word sentences together and with help, I hope that Karma will develop some more verbal communication – at the moment all he says is ‘oh no!’ and ‘mummy’. If you have read the book “A friend like Henry”; Karma has the developmental ability of a one year old child and is very much like a young Dale, the boy featured in the book – however – thankfully now the tantrums last only a few minutes rather than as long as a couple of hours (which is what it was like when they were just toddling!) Both boys are in nappies.

I am a working single mum. I work for a local charity called The Butterfly Foundation – see video I will be applying through working tax credit for help with childcare, so ideally I need to hire someone with the appropriate OFSTED registration. However – after an initial trial period, I am willing to pay for the right person to go through this registration process – which takes 12 weeks and will cost me approximately £300 – at the end of this period the rate of pay will be increased accordingly.

I would need someone who can be flexible with their hours with availability from 9am – 6.30pm, working 15 – 22 hours per week at a rate of £8 – 9 per hour, (£7.50 for an unregistered person). My work currently is literally at the top of my road so I’ll only ever be a few minutes away and can pop back whenever needed. The flexibility required is due to the different times the care is needed, say; during school holidays, term time and for a couple of months after the start of this next term the boys will be gradually introduced to attending school working up to 5 mornings a week and eventually full days at school. So in the future the hours required are likely to be 3.30 – 6.30pm Monday – Friday during term time. However, I am also required to work some evenings and weekends so there are additional hours here and – I have some direct payment assistants that can cover some of the usual working hours offering the nanny some flexibility too. I am looking for someone who will be committed to staying with us for a number of years if possible.

Unfortunately, as they have challenging behaviour – it is not possible for one adult to take both boys out – however I have friends and family who can come round and help the boys and me or the nanny get out from time to time. I am also looking into the possibility of hiring two nannies on certain days of the week.

It is essential that applicants have a desire to work with children with additional needs – they need oodles of patience and a very, very caring nature. The boys, with help, will learn and develop new skills BUT AT THEIR OWN PACE. Social Services and the Ofsted registration will require you to pass an advanced CRB check to work with children.

Please apply by return or email enclosing a CV or personal statement and please also provide current references. Please can you also confirm if you are Ofsted registered or not.

Thank you and fairy best wishes

Samantha Monks >;<

the paperwork fairy

tel: 01202 386348

mob: 07954 698666

~ by paperworkfairy on August 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nanny for Autistic Twins start Sep in Bournemouth”

  1. this possition has now been filled but I’m keeping up the post as it positions my blog high up on a google search – thank you fairy much for getting this far and please see my other pages and also my website, smiles and sparkles >;< the paperwork fairy

  2. Autism can be an early-onset biological disorder that causes serious cuts better mental features, and also conduct manifestations. There’s no solitary, crystal clear …autism

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