Arrrrrrrgh-doh!-be not so flash player!

I have today spent an improper length of time sorting out an adobe flash player / IE explorer issue. I know quite a few peps who are having problems with various adobe bits and pieces at the moment – wonder what that’s all about?!

Well this issue has been driving me mad and to distraction to extent that whilst making a (very late) breakie for me and the gorgeous boys – I licked raw eggs off my fingers – urgh!

It all started having made a slide show in just minutes using the wordpress support forum link to but having pasted the returned code into a new gallery page – all that was displayed was a blank box with one of them funny, coloured squares in the top left hand corner. How annoying.

So I did a googly searchy thingy and came back with something about uninstalling IE – which I did after installing Firefox (should have had it on here anyway for website testing 🙂 Well what d’ya know – on opening the afro mentioned gallery page the firefox download what-dya-call-it-thing automatically downloads flash player.exe and the slideshow then displays correctly in Firefox. But not IE. Hum…

Well after much soul searching and more googly eyes, eventually got flash player working on IE and suggest that any peps having the same issue have a go at the following steps (not necessarily shown in the right order) – one of them worked – not sure which.

·        Installing windows updates and restarting an unrememberable number of times

·        Giving adobe flash player and plug in all access options possible on my firewall

·        Deleting adobe shockwave plug in from tools>manage plug ins

·        Uninstalling adobe shockwave and flash player and plug in in program manager

·        Installing adobe flash player (using IE)

Further reading/links/forum answers; (don’t use this for flash player – use the adobe one – I think :o)

~ by paperworkfairy on February 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Arrrrrrrgh-doh!-be not so flash player!”

  1. Hey Sam.x.Site Looks great!! Flash Player thing probably fixed By uninstalling then reinstalling flash player for IExplorer…U shall Have 2 give me some tips 4 my website!! Your Graphics look Ace!! X Richie..MagickLantern

    • Hey Richie x thanks for the fairy nice comments, hope all is well in MagickLantern Land? I’ll fly by your website soon x s >;<

    • oh and BTW nice work on the FB funpace hoax post thingy earlier – been meaning to one write myself one for my contacts for ages- now I can just add to what you wrote 😉 cheeky smiles and fairy sparkles x >;<

  2. XXX Mmmmmmwah(Blows kiss)..XXX

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